About Us

Inspired by those who live and dream outside of the lines, our goal is to offer a quality product for those, who like us, believe in a life rich in moments and memories. 


Our Founder

On a whim at 14, Jen attended a global Windsurfing event. Surrounded by athletes from around the world she was immediately drawn to the sport and the lifestyle. She bought a windsurfer and spent the next few summers training and competing throughout Canada, eventually moving to Hawaii to pursue competition at a world-class level. Living in Hawaii during the rise of surf culture led her to follow a career in the apparel side of the action sports industry.  Identifying a need for a more fashion-forward beach sandal, MALVADOS was born. Her vision then and now: to offer a stylish sandal for every sun-on-your-face, live-concert, first-sip-of-margarita kind of moment. Inspired by those who live and dream by the ocean, MALVADOS strives to offer a quality product for a life rich in moments and memories. 

 We cherish the planet and conscientiously create, package, and contribute with the environment in mind. Our product is sold in better retailers throughout North America. We take pride in producing to pre-booked retail orders, eliminating over production and landfill waste.

Our goal is to mindfully take you from one adventure to the next - wherever that may be in comfort and style. Because life is limitless, why shouldn't your footwear be?

MALVADOS, meaning “wicked” in Spanish,is an homage to Jen’s favourite word in her 20s