About us



We couldn’t find it, so we made it: a stylish sandal for every sun-on-your-face, live-concert, first-sip-of-margarita kind of moment. Inspired by those who live and dream outside of the lines, our goal is to offer a quality product for those, who like us, believe in a life rich in moments and memories. MALVADOS is here to take you from one adventure to the next—wherever that may be in comfort and style.

Our Founder

Inspired by music, travel and design MALVADOS is here to take you from one adventure to the next—wherever that may be.

If you were to look up the word wanderlust in the dictionary, you’d probably see a photo of our founder, Jen. A former Canadian Windsurfing Champion, Jen has always lived a life of adventure—from high school summers spent chasing wind and surf, to moving to Hawaii with just a backpack and a dream—Jen certainly knows how to carpe that diem. After spending more than a decade living a nomadic lifestyle in her van, not a day went by that Jen wasn’t in flip flops...well, except for when she was snowboarding (see, we told you, wanderlust). All that to say, who better to create a sandal brand than a woman who’s authentically lived each day in them?


Our Story

 Upon her arrival home to Canada, Jen began a long and successful career in the action sportswear industry. Noticing a need for a more luxurious, yet comfortable sandal, an idea was sparked. Always one to seize an opportunity, Jen set out to create her own fashion-forward footwear label, one that would prove sandals aren’t just for the beach—they’re also for every festival, wind-in-your-hair, road-tripping moment in between. And so the story goes, MALVADOS was born.

MALVADOS, meaning “wicked” in Spanish,
is an homage to Jen’s favourite word in her 20s.