Valentine's Slippers are here

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Valentine's Slippers are here


I love traveling with Malvados since it lets me travel stylishly from exploring beaches during the day to chic dinner at night. I always carry a pair (or more) on my trips!

theglobalite @theglobalite

I love my collection of Malvados sandals because they are the perfect to pair with any outfit! I wear my sandals from the beach to the bar and get compliments everywhere in between. Cute and comfy is a win for me!

Ken @ken_kenn

The only sandal you will ever need. Comfortable right out of the box no break in period and can be worn for years to come.

happynomadsouls @happynomadsouls


Inspired by iconic musicians, the wanderers and the wild at heart. Flip flops and sandals that take you everywhere from beach to festival—and every windows-down, hair-in-your-face road trip in between. Named after cocktails and rockstars, Malvados sandals are for the life of the party - the badass who's going places and looking good doing it.

So what are you waiting for? Pack your bag and take us with you.

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