A Vacation State of Mind Collaboration

MALVADOS and GIGIMEY are two Vancouver based women owned and operated lifestyle brands that have come together to bring you the perfect harmony of accessories! 

MALVADOS iconic sandals keep you feeling your cutest, fashionable self while GIGIMEY gives you the perfect dainty accessories that your sandals need. GIGIMEY jewelry was founded in 2015 by Summer as a namesake to her grandmother and the special relationship they had. GIGIMEY’s pieces are inspired by the subtle elegance of the modern womxn. Working with 14k gold filled .925 sterling silver and semi-precious stones, the pieces find the perfect balance between quality and affordability. By incorporating handmade techniques and engravings into their designs GIGIMEY has found a way to make every piece more unique, memorable and personalized.    

 The MALVADOS x GIGIMEY Jewellery collaboration is all about looking and feeling good for all of lifes best moments. Be it hanging out on your deck with a pitcher of sangria or heading out to the beach with friends. We paired up with this awesome local company to showcase some of their best custom engraved anklet styles, paired with our ultra-comfy and cute sandals! Check out our collaboration below, where we also paired up with local Vancouver influencer Gabby from @mirrormirrorontheblog to get inspiration for all our best summer looks. 

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